Jazz Jackrabbit 2

’90s console-style side-scrolling game for the PC


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  • Category Platform
  • Program license Free
  • Size 43.46 MB
  • Works under: Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Epic Megagames

There are a lot of cool, nostalgic games from consoles and PC that are making a big comeback for a modern market, like the 1990s classic Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

Overview of Jazz Jackrabbit 2

There's just something about the nostalgia factor with a game that cannot be overstated. Many of the games we enjoyed while younger, games of the '80s and '90s, are making a big comeback now. Instead of inserting that disc into the tower, however, you'll find that games like Jazz Jackrabbit 2 are now entirely digital and can be downloaded to your PC permanently. With this repackaging of old games, you'll also find improved functionality and touched-up graphics, and any bugs that were once present are gone for the most part.

The game was first created by Epic MegaGames, who have since become Epic Games and have repacked this classic in the form of an improved PC download The game is only available for Windows and has a size of 43mb, which isn't that large for a legitimate game. It's also very entertaining, as Jazz, the main rabbit character, chases his nemesis, Devan Shell, through time, which takes you through different fun and difficult levels.

How Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Works

The first thing you're going to notice is how bright and colorful this game is. It's hard to believe that it was created over twenty years ago. You may also recognize the style. It's a simple side-scroller game that uses the classic keyboard W, S, D and space bar as controls.

There's definitely some similarities here with this game and classics like Sonic and Mario. With Jazz, however, you get a very unique character who travels through time. As you compete in levels, both above and underground, you will accumulate points and can even pick up extra lives, with the main goal to make it to the end of the level for completion.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Features

You're not going to find a ton of features with this game. In fact, the game itself is the feature, as you go through a variety of levels that are full of various enemies and challenges. You'll run into environmental hazards you have to avoid, enemies you need to avoid or kill, and obstacles you must traverse to defeat the level. Each level you win, you're that much closer to tracking down your nemesis.

The coolest feature of this game is that each level is a different time period. You're jumping through time in order to win the game, so every level is going to give you something else to look at and do. The simplicity of the controls means that practically anyone can play and enjoy this game.

Pros and Cons of Jazz Jackrabbit 2


  • Free game to play
  • Bright, vivid colors
  • Very cool concept
  • Multiple levels to enjoy


  • Game can get choppy
  • Not all graphics translate well twenty years later
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